L.H. Frishkoff Gives Back

Not only are we proud of the unparalleled tax and accounting support we give our clients, but we also pride ourselves on our charitable programs.

Holiday 2019:  New York Cares

This holiday season, we decided to transition from mailing out holiday cards to sending out digital cards. With the money we saved, we made a donation to New York Cares. New York Cares matches volunteers with opportunities to help less fortunate New Yorkers, specifically in the areas of education, immediate needs and revitalizing public spaces. New York Cares

Casual Fridays

Every Friday, staffers can ease into the weekend by wearing jeans to the office. But at a price. Each team member puts $1 into our charity fund in exchange for keeping it casual. The company matches the donations dollar for dollar. Team members choose a different non-profit each year to support with these funds. This has allowed us to donate thousands of dollars each year to a number of  causes that are important to our company. Below is more information on recent charities that have received Casual Friday funds:

In 2018: LHF Donated Casual Friday Funds to New York City Relief: www.newyorkcityrelief.org

Founded in 1989, NEW YORK CITY RELIEF has mobilized thousands of volunteers to compassionately serve those struggling with homelessness by providing hope and resources that lead towards life transformation.

In 2017: LHF Donated Casual Friday Funds to End Abuse 4 GoodEndAbuse4Good

EndAbuse4Good uses education to prevent abuse against teens, women and children. Their workshop has taught thousands of youths the signs of abuse, how to get help and remain true to one’s dreams. We Care is their hands on program impacting the mothers and children who survived domestic violence and are starting over.

Additional Outreach

We are proud to support the Wounded Warrior Project in addition to organizations that focus on Literacy, Child Development and the Arts.

What Our Clients Say

“ LH Frishkoff is so much more than Tax and Accounting. They have been proactive partners helping us achieve vital business milestones, work through challenges and ultimately create the financial infrastructure we have needed to succeed. Their level of service, professionalism and genuine care for their client’s businesses truly sets them far apart from all others.”

– Jeremy Bergstein, CEO, The Science Project

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